The Pro Decor Hettich Lindavia Finger Pull is an anodised aluminium handle that fits onto the top of drawers and cabinet doors, which gives a subtle and inconspicuous look, this fit is perfect for minimalist design themes in contemporary kitchens.

Fitting: The handle slots over the top of the drawer or cabinet. To fit, create a horizontal cut-out (7mm deep and 2.6mm wide) along the top edge of the cabinet or drawer to slot the handle into place. This will extend the cabinet or drawer height by 3mm so please ensure there is enough clearance for this. The cut out will need to be made using a specific tool such as a circular saw – the handle is not fixed using fixing screws, but knocked into place into the slot as described above. Adhesive may be used for an extra-secure fit. We recommend this handle be fit by a kitchen fitter or other professional to attain the best possible finish.

Part of the New Modern collection by Hettich Pro Decor that has clear, reduced shapes and styling making the collection truly unmistakable. Hettich Pro Decor is supplied exclusively to More Handle’s in the U.K. Their products set the benchmark for function, quality and comfort of furniture and make your living spaces work beautifully. This new trend has reduced styling and is truly unmistakable, they have the perfect cupboard handle styles and designs for contemporary and minimalist interiors.

Hettich Lindavia
Hettich Lindavia

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