The Hettich Pro Decor Ladera Cupboard Knob. A modern cupboard knob with a mushroom-like shape, a simple and straight tubular base that grows wider into a smooth circular face. The design creates a subtle and inconspicuous look, that is perfect for minimalist design themes in contemporary kitchens and bathrooms. The cupboard and drawer pull is created using zinc alloy with a matt satin nickel plated finish, reliable cupboard hardware that is both stylish and affordable.

Hettich Pro Decor products Their products set the benchmark for function, quality and comfort of furniture and make your living spaces work beautifully. The smooth flowing lines of this cupboard handle is totally in keeping with Hettich Pro Decor’s Organic collection. This collection of cupboard handles, cup pulls and cupboard knobs combines curved, untreated or rough surfaces for an honest home ambiance, in harmony with nature.


Hettich Organic Ladera Cupboard Knob – Satin Nickel – Knob 35mm