The Hettich ProDecor Aratti Cupboard Knob. A bushed stainless steel cupboard knob that has a modern and chunky rectangular shape with a smooth semi-circle cut-out section on the side to allow for easy grip when opening and closing cupboard doors. The down to earth structure of this cupboard knob and fresh stainless steel finish, with a clear, reduced shape make it truly unmistakable. Part of the New Modern collection manufactured by Hettich Pro Decor.

Hettich Pro Decor’s products set the benchmark for function, quality and comfort of furniture and make your living spaces work beautifully. This new trend has reduced styling and is truly unmistakable, they have the perfect cupboard handle styles and designs for contemporary and minimalist interiors.


Hettich Aratti Cupboard Knob – Brushed Stainless Steel – Knob 28mm